Swimming Goggles Training & Racing

Swimming Goggles not only protect a swimmers eyes but also help establish depth and distant perception when diving, swimming and approaching a wall making turns and lane alignment much easier. Most swimming goggles offer anti fog protected lenses with a verity of different lens types which include mirrored, smoked, clear, polarized and colored to name a few, Premium swim brands such as Speedo, Arena, Engine Swim, Zoggs, Michael Phelps & Aqua sphere offer a range of quality yet affordable swimming goggle range suited from recreational swimming to Elite racing goggles. Area 13 stock the latest range what ever you may be looking for.

MP Michael Phelps Ninja - Titanium White & Blue With Blue Mirror Lens, Racing Goggles
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Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Outdoor Swimming Goggles, Clear Lens - Navy Racing Swim Goggles
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