ENGINE Deck Parka: The Ultimate Protection for Athletes and Spectators

Author: Area13.com.au   Date Posted:19 February 2023 

Whether you are an athlete or a spectator, it is essential to stay protected from harsh weather conditions. The ENGINE Deck Parka is a quality knee-length jacket that offers complete protection from extreme weather conditions and temperatures. This multi-purpose parka is constructed from the highest grade threads and accessories, making it a durable and reliable choice for any outdoor activity.

In this article, we will explore the various features and benefits of the ENGINE Deck Parka, including its new panel design, vibrant branding, 380gsm Polar fleece lining, unisex design, 170gsm polyester waterproof shell, YKK zipper and pullers, Velcro hand cuffs, double action front button and zip with cover flap, zipper side pockets, big warm hood, and extra leg length.

Features and Benefits:

New Panel Design and Vibrant ENGINE Branding:

The ENGINE Deck Parka features a new panel design that adds an element of style to the jacket. The vibrant ENGINE branding on the jacket adds a touch of uniqueness and makes it easily recognizable.

380gsm Polar Fleece Lining:

The 380gsm Polar fleece lining of the ENGINE Deck Parka provides extra warmth and comfort to the wearer. This lining is not only soft to the touch, but it also helps to retain body heat, making it perfect for cold weather conditions.

Unisex Design:

The ENGINE Deck Parka is designed to be unisex, which means that it is suitable for both men and women. This makes it a versatile choice for anyone who wants a durable and reliable jacket for outdoor activities.

170gsm Polyester Waterproof Shell:

The 170gsm Polyester Waterproof Shell of the ENGINE Deck Parka provides complete protection from harsh weather conditions. This waterproof shell is perfect for keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in heavy rain or snow.

YKK Zipper and Pullers, Velcro Hand Cuffs:

The YKK zipper and pullers of the ENGINE Deck Parka are of high quality, which means that they are durable and reliable. The Velcro hand cuffs add an extra layer of protection to the hands and wrists, ensuring that the wearer is fully protected from the elements.

Double Action Front Button and Zip with Cover Flap:

The double action front button and zip with cover flap of the ENGINE Deck Parka provide complete protection from wind and rain. The cover flap ensures that the zipper remains covered, preventing water and wind from seeping in.

Zipper Side Pockets:

The zipper side pockets of the ENGINE Deck Parka are perfect for storing small items, such as keys or a phone. These pockets are also waterproof, which means that the items stored inside remain dry and safe.

Big Warm Hood and Extra Leg Length:

The big warm hood and extra leg length of the ENGINE Deck Parka provide additional protection from harsh weather conditions. The hood is designed to fit snugly around the head, keeping it warm and dry. The extra leg length ensures that the wearer's legs are fully covered, providing complete protection from the elements.