Unleash the Swimmer in You with the Arena Spiky III Allover Backpack 45

Author: Area13.com.au   Date Posted:19 December 2023 

Elevate Your Swim Gear Experience with the Stylish Arena Spiky III Allover Backpack 45

Swimmers, rejoice! The arena Spiky III Allover Backpack 45 is not just a bag; it's a statement. Dive into unparalleled functionality and style with this ultra-smart and eye-catching backpack designed explicitly for the aquatic enthusiasts.

Stylish Storage, Unmatched Comfort

Discover the Ultimate Swimmer's Companion

1. Spacious and Smart Design

Say goodbye to cramped storage. The top-loading main compartment of the Arena Spiky III Allover Backpack 45 provides ample room for all your swim gear essentials. From goggles to swim caps, it accommodates everything you need for your aquatic adventures.

2. Organized to Perfection

Three zip pockets and mesh side pockets offer a systematic approach to your belongings. Keep your essentials within arm's reach, ensuring a hassle-free experience before, during, and after your swim sessions.

3. Wet and Dry Compartments

Wet garments won't be a problem anymore. The separate swim bag compartment ensures that your dry items stay pristine while keeping the wet ones securely isolated. Moisture control is taken to a new level with mesh compartments and water-repellent fabric.

Comfort Beyond Compare

Designed for Your Comfort, Engineered for Your Passion

1. Ergonomic Bliss

Experience a blissful journey with the padded breathable back panel. The ergonomic shoulder straps ensure that your comfort is never compromised, even during extended wear. Say goodbye to the discomfort that comes with traditional backpacks.

2. Protection from the Ground Up

The reinforced bottom is not just a design element; it's a shield. Safeguard your stored contents from wet floors, giving you peace of mind wherever your aquatic endeavors take you.

Dimensions and Capacity

Size Matters: Your Perfect Companion

With dimensions measuring 50 cm x 36 cm x 27 cm and a capacious 45L capacity, the Arena Spiky III Allover Backpack 45 is the epitome of spacious elegance. It's not just a bag; it's your go-to partner for every swimming escapade.


In the world of swimming, your gear is as crucial as your strokes. Elevate your swim game with the Arena Spiky III Allover Backpack 45 – where style meets functionality, and comfort embraces design. Dive into the future of swim gear excellence.